About Us

Best of a Bad Bunch..? We are ID & Friends

ID & Friends are a seven-piece band spawned in Camden in early 2012. Their self-titled first EP is sewn together by the often humorous and sometimes reflective lyrics of front man ID, and the soulful spine-tingling voice of singer Sid Batham.

As each member of the band comes from various musical backgrounds such as Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Punk, Classical, Rock and Funk. The end result is a lively journey though all of the latter. The boys got together with the aim of creating a new vibe and sound, while always giving a nod to the 90’s.

Their ethos has always been “to have more fun than you”, and this group mentality is always brought to the live shows by all members of the band. “If you go big we go bigger”.

Keys - Sigala

Sigala shot to fame in 2007 when he was cast as McLovin in the Box Office smash hit 'SuperBad'. Since then he has decided to go back to his best as a keyboard player and big dick producer for ID & Friends.

Bass - Matt rider

'The Illusive' Matt Rider. We don't really know where Matt goes in-between gigs and practices. All we know is that when he turns up, he gets drunk as a fuck and rocks out so hard, that he leaves every show with a fresh hernia.

Raps - ID

ID is usually found dressed like a 12 year old lurking around Camden Town. Either he is on stage rocking the room for ID & Friends, or appearing as the face of Churchill Insurance on TV (Woof).

Guitar & vocals - Sid

Sid applied to be the new face of the movie franchise 'Grease', but was told he used to much of it. After this set back Sid got back on his feet, and has since been consistently dropping jaws around London every time he opens his pipes / flies.

Drums – The Lizard

The Lizard originally hails from Venezuela. He was removed from his Latin roots when Matt Trakker and Sid found him hiding under a rock on holiday. Now, apart from occasionally blending in with his surroundings, The Lizard is the man behind the skins for ID & Friends.

Brass - John Prestage & Sam Sankey

A relatively new addition to the band, John Prestage (trumpet) and Sam Sankey (trombone) really are the cherry on the ID & Friends cake. The only difference between them and a cherry is that they love playing brass and smashing proper cask ale until they cannot see.

In The Studio

ID & Friends record out of Arcadium Studio's in the vibrant centre of Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove, London. Arcadium is an amazing creative space, and the in house engineers are very talented guys. Check it out →